Alien Penetration by Kaitlyn O’Connor

New Concepts Publishing

Futuristic Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-60394-318-5

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Simone is out on the town celebrating her birthday with the girls, when a trio of gorgeous males wanders into the club causing a stir.  The evening is concluded by a series of bizarre events, leaving Simone to sum it up as having one too many drinks.  Reality comes charging in when she suddenly she finds herself kidnapped and taken to another planet to breed offspring for the three aliens she met at the club!

Alien Penetration carries a hefty storyline highlighting the cultural and social issues of a world and nation on the edge of collapse and extinction.  The fact that this self-annihilation/destruction is the result of an old system refusing to change touches a little too close to home.  Simone is effectively placed in position for us to take a closer look at the issues of class, politics, science, war, and gender.  Camryn, Kael and Ean are soldiers through and through whose brutal life has rendered them vulnerable for the need of the many things they all find with Simone.  Somehow these unlikely humanoids make it all happen in a way that only Kaitlyn O’Connor can make loving the alien a standard for futuristic erotic romance.

The comparison between human and drak history is juxtaposed, and the ugliness of both was enough to make me wince.  It also made me grateful to live in a time and place where my rights are not automatically revoked due to an accident of birth.  Still, there are triumphant moments for the underdogs I didn’t see coming; all the while the author is dismantling the establishment with her usual sly insight.  With such a fully loaded plot in place, I felt a need to get to know the characters better.  It was as if there was a time constraint and poof!-we ran out.  The narrative was literally straining at the seams, crying out to say more, do more, with these interesting dynamic people.  I suppose despite these small complaints, Ms. O’Connor succeeded in inciting my hunger for—you guessed it!—more of this story.  So I would say that the end result was a success all around.


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