A Glimpse Inside by A.R. Moler

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Nannette



Brian Townsend is dating a cop. When Tristan tells him about his job, Brian realizes how dangerous it is. Heís just getting to know Tristan, and heís afraid of losing him. Tristan isnít put off by Brianís worry. In fact, he likes it.

Brian and Tristan are getting comfortable with each other. Things are moving slow enough to be realistic, but quick enough that Iím not dying for something to happen. A Glimpse Inside gives just a bit more background on Tristan. Heís a private guy and even a little secretive. Now that theyíve had a few dates, Brian and Tristan are entering into relationship territory. I canít wait to see what happens next.


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