Adder by Ally Blue

Samhain Publishing

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60504-487-3

Reviewed by Ley



Adder believes in sex, enjoying life, and making his band a success. Being in a relationship does not figure into his plans.  When the band needs a new drummer his band mates brings Kalil on board. Adder quickly finds that Kalilís drum skills is not the only thing he needs from him, but will sex be enough this time?

Kalil has never met anyone like Adder - musically creative and sinfully sexy.  Kalil knows that getting involved with Adder would only lead to heartbreak as Adder only loves music, sex, and himself. However, resisting Adder is harder than Kalil ever imagined.

Adder is an entertaining, very campy rock of love story.  While reading this, the persona of Adder that I envisioned in my mind was that of Patrick Wolf.  What makes that so funny to me is that Iíve only seen one clip of Patrick Wolf a long time ago, and I barely remember the song he sang, but I do remember him, and Adder is this person to me.  Kalil was sweet and way too sedate compared to Adder, but he was what Adder needed to ground him as their band soared.  I really liked Adder. It was a lot of fun to read and I bet Ally Blue had a great time writing it.


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