Abhainn’s Kiss by Carolan Ivey


Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 1-599998-488-1

Reviewed by Chris



This story begins and ends with Cadwyn’s perspective. A junior spinner for the Fates, Cadwyn is awakened from a thousand year slumber to spin the life thread for a water fairy. The last known water fairy to be exact, a princess of the Asrai, the traitorous race responsible for breaking the Great Circle of Avalon. Threatened with their extinction, Cadwyn grabs whatever threads she can to try to keep the weak baby alive…and inadvertently weaves herself and a human into the water fairy’s tapestry.

Abhainn is that water princess. And Michael Craig, the hero, the human bound to her. They meet once as children. Michael had ran away from his family and washed ashore an uncharted island, home to Abhainn. Time and family tore them apart. Now Michael has returned to Abhainn’s island to find the source of the finely spun yard his mill uses.

Stumbling over a troll, a water fairy, and a crotchety Fey guardian was not part of Michael’s master plan. Being dropped head-first into the magical world that lives invisibly but side by side with the human one? Also not on the list. And falling in love with a cursed fairy race? Well, let’s just say that Michael’s having a particularly bad day. Abhainn’s magical kisses, though, will more than make up for it.

Carolan Ivey’s tales do not fail to delight, particularly if you’re into Celtic and Otherworldly legends. Abhainn’s Kiss falls nicely into that category. Combine that with the lovely and tasteful artwork by Anne Cain and you have a match made in Avalon. Ms. Ivey’s portrayal of an ex-soldier (and how refreshing that he’s not a Special Forces, ex-CIA, ex-FBI, Green Beret, or commando dude) coming to terms with a magical world is especially amusing.  Abhainn’s playfulness and childlike innocence adds levity to a world painted as poisoned by man. Abhainn’s Kiss is definitely slated for my virtual keeper shelf. Well done again, Ms. Ivey.


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