Hudsons Crossing by AlTonya Washington

Kimani Press

African American Contemporary



Reviewed by Indy



How is love possible when the two people involved live on opposite ends of the country, both with high-powered demanding jobs neither is willing to leave?

After breaking a story involving an inside scandal at one of the nationís top sportís agencies, Riley Stamper never imagined a follow-up meeting with one of the partners of the agency would send her life in a tailspin. Handsome, successful and determined to have her at any cost, Asher Hudson knew from first glance Riley was a woman he wanted to get to know no matter their current living situations.

Riley is content to travel from New York to Phoenix when time permits if it means she can spend all her time in the arms of the man who continues to show her what sheís been missing outside of news stories, deadlines and another great lead. Asher has the money and the means but what he wants most of all is Riley in Phoenix where he can spend more than just a passing weekend, or a stolen moment or two with her.

One cross-country whirlwind relationship and a marriage later, this power couple find themselves at an emotional standstill. Loving each other with a deepness thatís scary but emotional baggage from childhood and a long held secret might be too much to bare for a couple with everything to lose.

Using a relationship subject Iíve always wondered about Hudsons Crossing brings to light the issues surrounding long distance relationships and the strain that comes with not living in the same place when the sun goes down. How the lack of personal time can wreck havoc on the ability to participate in a long-term commitment. AlTonya Washington went deep in her portrayal of some of the anguish couples experience while trying to come to terms with whatís most important, the love of your life or the career youíve sweat blood and tears for? Is there truly room for compromise or will one person in the relationship eventually have to leave behind all they hold near and dear. I really believe readers will enjoy this latest treasure from AlTonya Washington and how she was able to work through Asher and Rileyís concerns and still keep them madly in love with each other, even during the worst of times. Hudsons Crossing will only reinforce what her fans already know; she has her finger on the pulse of love.


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