Under My Skin by M. L. Rhodes

Amber Allure

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60272-244-6

Reviewed by Ley



Labeled ďthe smart guyĒ all his life had ironically become a bad stigma to Sebastian Keller.  He may be book-smart and business-smart, but when it came to his love life, he made dumb choices and stupidly fell for the wrong guys.

But now heís learned his lesson and heís smart enough to realize that jocks and bad boys could never have an interest in him and falling for them would only lead to humiliation and heartbreak.  Bad boys are taboo, especially the tattooed ones and that includes the sexy tattoo artist Dylan Radamacher who just opened his tattoo parlor next to Sebastianís travel bookstore.

Under My Skin is fantastic!  Itís over a hundred pages, but it read like ten. I was amazed at how quickly I breezed through this book and was so disappointed when I reached the last page, not because of how it ended, but because it was the end.  Sebastian is so sweet; he makes you want to kick the butt of all his prior boyfriends who made him feel worthless and used.  And Dylan is just as sweet.  Sebastian and Dylan have in common the fact that people judge them based on what they see and not who they truly are.  In Sebastianís case, heís viewed as being easy to take advantage of and sadly, past boyfriends have taken advantage of his kindness.  It took a lot of courage for him to lower his walls and allow Dylan into his life, even if it was only for physical gratification to start with, but past scars caused him to judge Dylan and almost lose what may be the best thing to happen to him.  As I stated earlier, I was very disappointed when this book ended, but knowing M. L. Rhodes and her penchant for sequels, Iím hoping Sebastian and Dylan are two guys she would like to visit with again.  Under My Skin is a great book and Iím certain readers will enjoy it as much as I did.


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