The Way Home by Jean Brashear

Harlequin Super Romance #1505

Everlasting Love Series


ISBN: 978-0-373-71505-3

Reviewer: Melissa



James Parker has been looking for his wife, Bella, since she left him. He can’t believe that after all their years together that their marriage is over. Only Bella has not only not contacted him, she also hasn’t been in touch with their children. Suddenly, the police are at his door, telling him that Bella has been in an accident and that she has no memory of him or their family. Now James has to win his wife’s trust as a stranger and hope that when she finally gets her memory back, his betrayal that forced her to leave him, doesn’t destroy what trust he’s built.

The Way Home is a well-written story and Jean Brashear is certainly an author who knows how to keep a story moving. However, this is one story that I definitely shouldn’t have picked up. Harlequin Super Romance’s Everlasting Love Series, is a wonderful premise. What happens to lovers as time goes on, as the years pass. The only problem is, it seems as though the majority of the Everlasting Love series involves a hero who is unfaithful. Granted that premise is steeped in reality but when I pick up a romance, the last thing I want is to deal with the infidelity of the hero after years of marriage. It’s a total turn off. Readers who are looking for a feel good story will probably want to skip this book and the majority of Harlequin’s Everlasting Love series.



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