The Staircase by D. J. Manly

eXtasy Books

M/M Sci-Fi

ISBN: 1-55410-790-3

Reviewed by Ley



Not willing to give up on any chance of finding survivors amidst the death and destruction, Tristan makes his way up the mountain to unknown dangers.  In his mission, he couldn't keep his mind from wandering to a time not so long ago when a staircase led him up the mountain where Trinity would be waiting for him.  Trinity, Tristan's first and only love, once held Tristanís heart, now he is his enemy and Tristan knows he must face him when he reaches the mountain top.

The Staircase is a good story that will draw its readers in and stir up some emotional reactions.  It definitely took me through a host of emotions.  I felt sadness, disappointment, anger, confusion, and bittersweet happiness.  Most of these feelings were derived from Tristan and his emotions and actions.  Tristan and Trinity's feelings were not the only ones involved in the relationship aspect of the story. There is also Samuel, Tristanís loyal and devoted comrade. His character evoked much sadness and sympathetic feelings from me.  The Staircase has a great storyline and itís a great read for Sci-Fi/fantasy lovers.


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