The Comet Cometh by Sharon Maria Bidwell

The Swithin Chronicles, Book 3

Loose Id

Sci-Fi/Fantasy (M/M; M/M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-666-8

Reviewed by Sabella



Every day is a battle, but at this point, Markis is almost ready to call this normal life.  He struggles to balance his relationship with Tressa, which is not a love match, and provide for her what she needs while taking from her what he needs.  Meanwhile, Markis also struggles to find a happy balance in his relationship with Ryanac and Uly.  Out of all these people, the most difficult to manage are Ryanac and Uly, for they have not found a balance between themselves, which leaves Markis floundering most times.

For Uly, adjusting to life with Ryanac and Markis is a daily challenge. He wants to let Ryanac into his heart, but he is afraid, of what he isn’t sure, but the fear is all too real.  What if he damages his relationship with Markis irreparably?  What if Ryanac is repulsed when he finally “sees” Uly as he really is?  These thoughts plague Uly to the point of distraction, not to mention that he has yet to find a balance in his relationship with Tressa or his life as a Swithin.

Ryanac just wants one thing in life – to see Markis happy.  To that end, he has opened his heart to Uly and has come to love him, if not in the same way he loves Markis, but just as deeply.  Now, however, he must seduce Uly into loving him and understanding that love between them will not diminish the love they each feel for Markis.

However, as Markis, Ryanac, and Uly each struggle towards the same goal, danger stalks them and seeks to break them apart permanently.  Will they survive?  And if they do, will they be able to live with themselves afterwards?

The Swithin Chronicles 3: The Comet’s Cometh brings to a close the story of Markis, Ryanac, and Uly that began with thievery in the dark.  Now the story comes full circle as it is a theft that Uly committed for Markis that has plunged them into danger.  It was very gratifying to read about all these rich and intriguing characters, bring together all the loose ends from the previous books and finally resolve the dynamics of the relationship, not to mention the hot, hot, hot encounters between all three men.  Once again, the main focus of the action is the three men and their relationship, but this time Tressa has a larger role in maintaining the peace and bringing about the changes required for a successful relationship.  As a whole, The Swithin Chronicles 3: The Comet Cometh is a spectacular conclusion to this fantastic fantasy series that will leave your romantic heart well satisfied while providing a gripping and fast-paced plot.  The Swithin Chronicles 3: The Comet Cometh is an exciting fantasy tale that will have you eagerly turning the pages well past your bedtime!


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