My Vampire & I by J.P. Bowie


M/M Paranormal Vampire

ISBN: 978-1-906590-06-2

Reviewed by Ley



Roger Folsom has a fixation with horror movies, so when his friends decided to throw him a ‘surprise’ ghoul masquerade birthday party, he was all for it.   Meeting the gorgeous and sexy Marcus Verano, who came as a vampire, one of Roger's biggest turn-ons, made his birthday even more perfect.  When Roger finds out Marcus’ costume wasn’t a costume at all and he is indeed a century-old vampire, Roger’s life quickly becomes a fantasy filled with riches, luxury, and hot, sexy nights.  He has never been happier and things between him and Marcus are fantastic until enemies from Marcus’ past threaten to take it all way, along with Roger’s life.

My Vampire and I has a good storyline, but I found the majority of the characters unlikable.  Roger came across as conceited and shallow and I couldn’t connect with Marcus at all.  Their relationship moved way too quickly, but as Roger says, “You don’t have to know someone for very long to know if you love him or not.”  This is true, but I didn’t feel it for them, at least not then.  As the story progressed, my feelings started to change.  J.P. Bowie has a really good writing style and even though My Vampire and I didn’t captivate me, I would love to read some of his other works.


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