Melting Ice by D. J. Manly

Mojocastle Press

M/M Contemporary Action

ISBN: 1-60180-003-7

Reviewed by Ley



Son of a police commissioner, Brian Fuller constantly had to prove he was worth his badge.  Fellow officers viewed him as a spy planted by the upper brass or they felt he was getting by because of family connections. His making detective at an early age did little to diffuse the negative talk.  This was one of the many reasons why he was still in the closet. Between his homophobic father and the animosity he was already getting from his fellow officers, revealing that he’s gay would be suicide.  Transferring to the bikers squad, Brian finds he not only has to prove himself, but also find a way to survive when he’s betrayed by his new sergeant and left for dead.

Brian regains consciousness and finds himself held hostage by the Diablo gang led by Ice.  Ice has a notorious reputation and sees Brian as a valuable asset to use against the police.  Ice keeps Brian close to him while he works out the negotiations and Brian finds himself uncomfortable with the whole situation. For one, he’s being held hostage by the squad’s most wanted criminal, and two, he finds himself experiencing feelings toward the other man he has never allowed himself to feel before.  Is the hot, passionate sexual tension he’s feeling for Ice enough to melt the outlaw’s cold heart?

Melting Ice is awesome! This is an action-packed hot story that held me glued to the pages.  It’s full of surprising twists and turns, and you can’t believe the obvious and trust the expected.  Ice and Brian are on opposite sides of the law and neither one can deny the attraction between them.  Both men are sexier beyond words and absolutely fantastic together.  I enjoyed reading Melting Ice. It’s suspenseful, exciting, and well worth reading. 


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