Masked Encounter by Samantha Gentry
The Wild Rose Press – Scarlet Rose
Erotic Contemporary
Reviewed by Jo



Trish Andrews has been the administrative assistant to Jonathon Rutledge for the last three years.   While she admires his business acumen, Trish has fantasized of one thing the entire time – a night of hot sex with her boss.  This fantasy started out small but now if has gotten so bad that she even daydreams of it at work.  She has carefully kept this from her boss and co-workers because there is a policy of not messing with employees that Mr. Rutledge strictly follows.  Trish now has the perfect situation to make her night happen, a masked party being held by a client that Jonathon is going to attend.

Jonathon Rutledge, the owner of his own business Rutledge Industries, arrives back into the country from a business trip just in time for a masked party he wants to attend.  Once at the party he sees a sexy masked woman in red and decides to get to know her.  After an erotic evening, Jonathon is left in his room alone when his masked lady flees without revealing her identity. 

Jonathon starts a search to find his mysterious sexy lady only to find dead ends.  Who is she and how was she at the party?  Trish arrives back at work now wondering how she can continue working when fulfilling her fantasy just left her wanting more.  Can Trish reveal herself to Jonathon or is her one night all that can even be?

Trish’s daydream that starts out in Masked Encounter showing me just what could be awaiting me further in this story.  Trish’s character is so proper and businesslike while at work, but when she is given the opportunity to pretend to be some else the difference is a total opposite.  Jonathon’s character is a mix of the jaded playboy and the professional owner of a successful business.  Ms. Gentry made Trish and Jonathon characters mesh perfectly not only when working together but during their erotic night.  Office policy takes a fun tumble when Jonathon finally locates his masked lady who was right under his nose the entire time.  I found Masked Encounter a lovely and steamy way to spend a couple of hours.  This is another story that will be placed prominently in my short story library.



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