How It Should Be by Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban

Dreamspinner Press

M/M Ménage

Reviewed by Ley



A person’s first sexual experience can go one of two ways: the best ever experience or the most traumatizing experience. Unfortunately for Nolan, his was the latter.  Although it wasn’t his first sexual experience, it was his first time with a man.  When his friends Cary and Aaron found out about it, they made it their goal to show Nolan how beautiful making love with people who care about him can be.

How It Should Be is sweet and the title says it all.  Cary and Aaron are in a relationship and they both love their friend Nolan, but they always thought him to be straight.  Finding out Nolan was more than a little bi-curious and someone hurt him and made his first time awful, they stepped up to make him feel good, loved, and cherished.  How It Should Be is a hot, sexy, erotic love story. I just really wish it was much longer.


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