Gio's Dream By Carol Lynne

Ellora’s Cave

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419910524

Reviewed by Ley



Giovanni Brunelli felt it was time to give up the fast pace life he was living in New York City and move back home to Kansas.  For one, his family needed him.  His father will need help after his recent heart surgery and with his sister married with her own family, it was only fair that Gio step up and help out. The trepidation to his homecoming was facing Rafe, the man he truly loved and his father’s best friend.

Gio’s Dream follows the sentimental style of storytelling that in my opinion is trademark for Carol Lynne. Gio and Rafe spent years pining for a love they both felt could never be revealed to each other and those around them. Gio is the son of Rafe’s best friend and he is seventeen years his junior. Both men were afraid of revealing secrets that could cause a rift between them and Nino Brunelli, the man they both loved and respected.  Along with Gio and Rafe discovering their mutual attraction for each other, there is also mystery and suspense.  Although I was able to figure out the ‘who’ of the mystery, the ‘why’ still surprised me.  Readers looking for a schmaltzy romance with a bit of an edge will enjoy Gio’s Dream. I certainly did.



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