Easy by Ally Blue

ManLoveRomance Press

LGBT Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-59632-284-6

Reviewed by Cheryl



When Dan Corazon finds Stevie Sanger naked, beaten, and abandoned, something about the abused young man calls to Dan's protective instincts.  Without question, Dan sees to his care, and soon learns that Stevie is a prostitute and unwilling to pursue his attacker.  While he has every reason to leave, Dan simply can't abandon the fascinating young man.  Offering to help him get back on his feet, Dan invites Stevie to live with him.  Although not sure he deserves to take it, Stevie ultimately can't resist the comfort and safety of the offer.  From the beginning both are intensely attracted, but reticent to act.  Dan doesn't want to push Stevie, and more importantly, he is not openly gay.  Used to hiding his true self, Dan is afraid of a relationship with the very out Stevie and not exactly sure how to pursue it.  While Stevie can see that Dan is obviously interested, he misinterprets Dan's inaction and assumes he doesn't want a former rent boy.  The more time the two spend together, the closer they become.  In no time the pair discover how easy it is to fall in love, but how difficult making it work can be.  With an opportunity for each to begin a new and better life, will they find a way to leave the past behind them?

Easy is a heartwarming tale that sizzles.  Although Easy deals with the unsavory world of prostitution, it is tastefully handled.  The dark and seedy was balanced by love and compassion.  With a message of hope, a sense of fun, and wonderful characters, Ms. Blue creates a romantic story that rings true.  I loved both men.  Stevie's indomitable spirit masks a fragile heart.  Dan's love and support provide Stevie with exactly what he needs.  While Dan is an all round great guy, he is coming to terms with himself.  Their faults do cause problems, but I wanted them together!  Watching the sexual and emotional tension build had me squirming in my seat and cheering for a speedy resolution.  Add in some fun and quirky supporting characters and great villains, and you get a suspenseful, sensual read that will leave you with a smile.  Ally Blue knows how to write truly satisfying man love that leaves me wanting more!

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