Crossing the Line by Stephanie Vaughan

OC Pride, Book 2

Torquere Press

Gay Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-391-8, 1-60370-391-8

Reviewed by Annmarie



Businessman Jamie MacPherson is unlucky in love. Depressed over the loss of his last lover, he secretly fears he is unattractive and has nothing to offer a new lover.  Well, nothing but money.  If money can't buy love, and Jamie has learned the hard way that it can't, it can buy a little pleasure.

When Ryan Van Alstyn agreed to help a out a fellow waiter by taking on an extra table, he didn't expect to meet someone like Jamie.  Someone who can tempt him in ways no other man has since the love of his life died two years ago.  Although he feels as if he's being unfaithful, Ryan is incredibly attracted to Jamie.

Allowing himself to have a casual fling is a giant step for Ryan, but when attraction burns this hot, what other choice is there?  Is a purely sexual relationship enough for these two?  Will Jamie and Ryan overcome the emotional wreckage of past relationships and find love together?

Both Ryan and Jamie have emotional issues and insecurities that I found endearing and could relate to.  At times I wanted to hug Jamie and commiserate.  But he probably would have hated that, being a reticent alpha male.  I could see Jamie's attraction to Ryan who is smart and witty with gorgeous good-looks.  The intimacy between Ryan and Jamie was very intense, urgent and erotic.  I loved it!

I have re-read Ms. Vaughan's Jumping the Fence several times and when I saw that Crossing the Line was next in the series, I had to have this book!  Fans of Jumping the Fence will love Crossing the Line.



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