China Doll by Sunny

Skin On Skin Anthology


ISBN:  0-7582-1590-8

Reviewed by Talia Ricci


Dr. Anna Huang is in Indonesia helping with tsunami efforts and relief.  Finally throwing caution to the wind after 20 years of celibacy, she craves the touch of a man.  Not just any man will do.  She wants a man who will be gentle, yet forceful.  Loving but willing to settle for just one night.  She finds such a man in Rand, a bearded giant who comes to her rescue as she is swarmed by men all wanting something from her; something that she is unsure she will be able to give. 

Rand Weatherby aches to feel the touch of a woman.  Years of honoring vows to a wife now deceased, he wants to lose himself inside of a woman to alleviate the ghosts that haunt him.  Past decisions have influenced Randís life and he vows that they will not influence him on this.  Looking for and waiting on the perfect woman to walk through the door of the bar in which he sits, he has almost given up hope. Until she walks in.  Five feet two inches of pure and snow white innocence.  When she is surrounded by men immediately, Rand decides then and there that she is his to save.  And so the seduction begins.

Great things do come in small packages!  Anna Huang was tiny, angelic and a complete surprise to me.  Past hurts kept her from reaching out to men and I could sense her vulnerability.  When she and Rand came together they were passionate, loving and I felt their connection to each other right down to my toes.  The fact that Rand was so honorable just kept me spellbound wanting to find out his story.  He was tenacious and I became entranced by his unwillingness to give up on Anna. 

China Doll is a tantalizing tale set in the humidity of Indonesia.  I could feel the sweat of the two characters and could envision their complete abandon with each other.  As I read the last word, I just sat and thought about this book.  How one author could make something so real that I felt the touches, I smelled the scents and have my heart pounding in tune with the characters.  Steamy and sultry romance at its best, China Doll is a perfect addition to any bookshelf. 



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