The Romanís Virgin Mistress by Michelle Styles
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-263-85185-4
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



In Baiae, a seaside village in 69 BC, Silvana Junia is the subject of conversation.  Forced to endure talk after talk, most of it not true, she has decided to ignore the gossips because she could care less.  One night Silvana is accosted while on a boat and rather than put up with Cotta and his henchmen, Silvana dove overboard into the bay as means to get away from him.  Fighting her way to safety, rescue comes in the form of a handsome man that Silvana canít help but be thankful for. 

Lucius Aurelius Fortis rescues a sea nymph from the bay without thinking. Unwilling to let such a beautiful woman perish, he drags her to safety and proceeds to escort her home.  His past as a womanizer slows down his attraction to this beauty but he canít get rid of it completely.  When she agrees to be his mistress, Lucius is beyond thankful.  He is enticed and in love. 

In true historical style, Michelle Styles has brought to life two characters that needed their stories told.  Silvana was a modern woman alive in a time when there were only two things a woman could do; get married and give birth.  Her decision to be a part of Luciusí life was a tough decision, but the ramifications came out to her advantage.  Lucius was a thoroughly Roman male in all his glory.

I liked the story and the setting.  I thought the plot flowed.  It was somewhat redundant at times but the author wrote The Romanís Virgin Mistress in such a way that my attention didnít waver.  Lovers of Harlequin Historical romances will love The Romanís Virgin Mistress.


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