Taming Him by Kimberly Dean,
Summer Devon and Michelle M. Pillow
Erotic Fantasy Romance Anthology
ISBN 978-1-4165-3600-0
Reviewed by Nannette



Fever by Kimberly Dean

Delia Jenkins is sick, and getting sicker by the minute.  Even as her fever rages through her she responds to the man who has come to care for her.  His touch ignites an unstoppable passion in both of them.  When she recovers, will Delia regret the passionate night she shares with her healer or will he turn out to be the man she has been wanting for?

Fever is an erotic fantasy with a touching romance.  Itís hot, sexy and romantic.


Perfection by Summer Devon

Bryan Hartigan could have any woman he wants because every woman wants him.  An experiment gone bad has women uncontrollably lusting after him.  According to the Dr. only the perfect woman can cure him.  When Bryan meets Allie Hamdon, he discovers what the perfect woman really means.

Perfection is fun and predictably romantic.  Itís sweet and sexy and Allie and Bryan are terrific together. 


Taming Him by Michelle M. Pillow

Maggie Stewart is desperate to believe that the spaceship and the sexy alien that has emerged from it are just a dream.  All too soon Maggie realizes that her dream man is very real and heís come to take her as his bride.

Maggie may have found what most women consider to be the perfect man in Taming Him.  Vladei is sexy, considerate and willing to share.  


The trio of stories in Taming Him are creative, sexy and romantic. This is a very fun anthology to read.


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