Sun, Sand, Sex by Linda Lael Miller, Jennifer Apodaca, Shelly Laurenston
ISBN: 978-0758210968
Reviewed by Lyonene



One Last Weekend by Linda Lael Miller

Joanna and Teague Darby fell in love and married in college, had a beautiful daughter and a wonderful life.  As Teague’s architectural firm became more successful, he started spending a lot more time at the office, which ended up in Joanna and Teague drifting apart.  Shortly after their daughter marries, Teague and Joanna have decided that they’ve grown too far apart and decide to divorce.  Their lawyer gets them to spend one last weekend together in their cottage.  Will this time together allow them to repair their marriage, or will they grow even more distant?

One Last Weekend is a sweet story that shows that no matter how much a couple may love each other, if their relationship isn’t nurtured, it will still fall apart.  Real life situations and true to life characters made One Last Weekend a good story that I easily identified with.


You Give Love A Good Name by Jennifer Apodaca

Lexi is being stalked by an unknown man. Even though the family that Lexi has sacrificed her wants and goals for doesn’t believe her, she is still on the run.  Nick is a bounty hunter hired to track down and bring Lexi back for an upcoming trial.  Although they had met at his sister’s wedding months ago, and Lexi turned down his offer of a one night stand, he hasn’t been able to forget her.  Bound, bent and determined to keep a professional distance from the woman he has to bring back, will he be able to keep the promise to himself when Lexi needs his protection from her stalker?

Watching Lexi and Nick fight their attraction for each other was a treat in You Give Love A Good Name.  Although Nick swore that he’d never get involved with another woman, Lexi gets under his skin without even trying.  With a stalker on Lexi’s tail, Nick made her feel safe and hot, as well as driving her half crazy.  I did enjoy the characters and storyline in You Give Love A Good Name.


My Kind Of Town by Shelly Laurenston

Emma is on a mission: track down a power source for her coven, as well as find and stop whatever escaped from the dimensional doorway.  Emma wasn’t happy about her situation. She’s a city girl and in no way does she want to be stuck going to the backwoods of North Carolina.  She’s even less happy when she’s run off the road by what looked like a huge dog, injured, hunted by something in the woods and taken against her will to the hospital by an arrogant, pushy, albeit gorgeous Deputy Sheriff.  Kyle doesn’t want to bring the feisty, injured outsider to his town, but there’s something about her that calls to him.  In a town filled with shapeshifters and other paranormal beings, having the woman around could be dangerous. 

Action, magick, mayhem, steamy scenes and exciting characters made My Kind Of Town an incredible read for me; I loved it!  This story drew me in from the first page and had me living the adventure right along with the characters. I simply couldn’t put it down until I’d read the final word.  I really hope that Ms. Laurenston writes more stories that take place in this world! 


Sun, Sand, Sex is a very good anthology that has something for pretty much every romance reader.  One Last Weekend is sweet and loving, You Give Love A Good Name has danger and romance, and My Kind Of Town has magick, hold on to the edge of your seat excitement, and a lot of heat. 


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