Still Thinking of You by Adele Parks
Downtown Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-734-9650-6
Reviewer: Melissa



Rich and Natasha fell in love almost at first sight and from there quickly decided to get married. Rich has always been the ultimate ladies man and truly never expected to find someone like Tash, who made him fall so hard and fast that he was determined to do whatever it took to keep her. Thatís why he keeps the fact that he has had an on and off fling with one of his best friendís sister, Jayne, a secret from Tash. A fling that truly meant nothing to him. But little does he know that to Jayne, Rich is the love of her life and if Rich is determined to marry Tash, Jayne is just as determined that Tash has to go. As Rich and his friends gather for the wedding the fact that Rich has never told Tash about Jayne gives Jayne plenty of room create mischief. Can Rich keep from losing Tash because of a secret he should have told her?

Adele Parks has written an extremely entertaining story. Line by line the reader can truly see each and every character making the steps and missteps as realistically as if they were real life acquaintances. Rich and Tash, Jayneís unending self-delusions and a cast of secondary characters will keep the reader turning pages of Still Thinking of You.


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