Once More at Midnight by Wendy Warren
Silhouette Special Edition
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-373-24817-9
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lilah Owens is returning to her hometown after trying to make it as an actress.  She is also now the proud mother of one obnoxious and extremely irritating adolescent hell bent on making Lilahís life miserable.  Minutes from their destination, Lilah finally gives in to Breeís whining about a bathroom break and while there she comes into contact with a ghost from her past, former bad boy and now businessman, Gus Hoffman.  Now all she has to do is convince him that she wasnít trying to steal but above all, how was she going to keep Sabrina, the girl to whom she is now a guardian, a secret?

Gus Hoffman just saw seventeen years pass him by in the eyes of Lilah Owens, the girl or rather, the woman he used to love.  Run out of town years ago for being a thief, Gus no longer abides anything untruthful or underhanded.  He knows that Lilah has a secret but when he finds out what it is he is so devastated that he is quite frankly unsure if he will ever be able to forgive her.  Hopefully the love he feels for Lilah will be enough but then again, it just might not be.

Once More at Midnight caught me off guard.  Reading the blurb on the back cover did not do this book justice at all.  Full of high-octane emotions and secrets that could have life altering effects, Once More at Midnight was often times quite tumultuous to read.  First of all, I wanted to give Sabrina a spanking for being such a teetotal brat.  I really did not like how she was portrayed.  Secondly, Lilahís inability to be up front and verbally coherent with Gus was somewhat annoying.  Gus, on the other hand, was truly the party that was harmed.  Not only was he run out of town years ago, but also the fact that he was a father could have been told to him in several different ways that would have been just as poignant as was needed but without all the female hysterical drama.

I didnít enjoy Once More at Midnight like I was hoping I would.  I have read previous books penned by Wendy Warren and was entertained by them.  I just did not enjoy the dramatics of this one.


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