My Lady’s Treasure by Catherine Kean
Medallion Press
Historical Romance
ISBN 978-1932815788
Reviewed by Nannette



Brant Meslarches is sent to collect a ransom from Faye Rivellaux for the kidnapped baby, Angeline.  Instead of the silver the kidnappers demanded, Faye offers a golden chalice.  Brant is shocked to discover that the treasure his deceased brother Royce desired actually exists.  When Brant and Faye discover that all is not as it seems regarding Angeline’s disappearance, they team up to find the little girl and the rest of the hidden treasure.  Brant and Faye have secrets, but Torr Lorvais, Angeline’s father, is hiding deadly ones.

My Lady’s Treasure is a romantic story laced with lies and danger.  Brant and Faye are wonderful characters and they make a good match.  In My Lady’s Treasure, the excitement and mystery builds until the very end.


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