In Darkness Reborn by Alexis Morgan
Paladins of Darkness, Book 3
Pocket Star Books
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4165-4658-0
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Barak q’Young is an Other and therefore reviled by the Paladins amongst which he works and lives.  Rescued by Dr. Young and in turn her savior, Barak wants to make a life for himself on this side of the barrier but runs into obstacles most of the time.  Usually those obstacles are huge Paladin warriors not wanting him to even breathe the same air as they do.  Tired from constantly having to defend himself and seeing how it is affecting his friend, Barak agrees to a transfer to another lab.  He wants to help in the fight to find the person responsible for selling the gems that light his world and in doing so hopes that he will become accepted among the people that call him enemy. 

Lacey Sebastian has spent her entire life watching her brother fight for his life time and time again in the ongoing battle between the Others and the Paladins. When she is told that her new lab assistant is none other than the Other that was rescued by Dr. Young, her ire knows no bounds.  She refuses to trust in someone that could betray her at the blink of an eye, until she comes to know him.  In Barak q’Young, Lacey becomes aware of many contradictions.  He is not the loathsome subhuman monster that she grew up learning about in different horror stories.  He is kind, loyal and sexy.  Quickly falling under his spell, Lacey is unsure how she will keep him in her life.  Torn between her love for Barak and her love for her Paladin brother, Lacey has decisions to make. Decisions that involve more than just herself and her selfish yearnings. 

Barak and Lacey work well together and in turn become very close.  The battle between the Others and the Paladins rages on because blue gems are still being stolen and sold.  When his beloved is kidnapped, Barak decides enough is enough and makes the choice to save her, even at the cost of his very life.

If I could say anything to Alexis Morgan at this moment it would be, “Bravo!”  I have been dying for In Darkness Reborn since reading Dark Defender.  Fully anticipating Barak’s story but unsure if I would like the romance between he and Lacey, I should have known that I didn’t have anything to worry about.  Written in such a way that was completely realistic, In Darkness Reborn captured my attention, kept me spellbound, and wound its way around my heart.  I fell in love with Barak from scene one and ached at his yearning to be accepted not as a monster but as a man.  I found his devotion to Lacey eye opening and romantic.  Lacey’s characterization was classic.  The victim of an overbearing and stubborn older brother, I loved how she ended up having both her brother and Barak wrapped around her finger. 

Fully not expecting the storyline to take the turn it did, I have to admit complete surprise at the end.  I love when authors stump and surprise me and Alexis Morgan did just that.  The only thing wrong with In Darkness Reborn?  It didn’t come with the next installment and I have to wait until December for Cullen’s story.  The time can’t pass by quick enough; I am just that hooked on this series. 


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