Flesh And Stone by Vickie Taylor
Berkley Sensation
Sensual Paranormal Romance
ISBN 0-425-20905-9
Reviewed by Nannette



Connor Rihyad has infiltrated a congregation of villainous gargoyles where Mara Kincaide   and several other women are being held against their will. The women are being used as broodmares to create an evil Les Gargouillen army.

Mara has gotten herself trapped in a house full of strange creatures. Discovering that Connor is one of them is a shock, but she is determined to save the women. Together, Connor and Mara fight to save themselves and all of the Les Gargouillen from a foe they thought long gone. 

If youíve read Carved In Stone youíll find the beginning of Flesh And Stone shocking and explosive. I recommend reading Carved in Stone first to get a better understanding of the plot and a more satisfying read out of this story. Flesh And Stone has a dark edge. Itís thrilling and exciting.  Connor and Mara make a great team. They are passionate, strong and courageous. The third story in this magical saga promises even more drama and danger. Iím anxious to read it next!


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