Dark Prince by Eve Silver
Zebra Books
Historical Romance
ISBN:10: 0-8217-8128-6
ISBN:13: 978-0-8217-8128-9
Reviewed by Barb



Jane Heatherington has just found out her innkeeper father has to sell her into indentured servitude or lose the family inn.  Jane has just met the new owner of Trevisham House.  He can be no other, with his power, his proud bearing, and his confidence.  He intrigues her.

Aidan Warrick is a man with a dark past.  He sees Jane as the daughter of the enemy he hates, but at the same time he is feels protective, and something even more personal when he looks upon her.  His life has not been easy and revenge has become as much a part of him as the act of breathing.

The longer they are together the more the attraction hits them.

Dark Prince is a dark, bittersweet and moody romance.  It drew my attention and held it.  I enjoyed the characters and their developmental growth.  Eve Silver has written a book that one does not want to put down.  I suggest this book for a quiet night when you want to read an intelligent romance.


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