CheckMate by Kallysten
Alinar Press
Reviewed by Jo



Vincent Jordan is a Special Enforcer, a vampire hunter with extra training.  He has been tracking down and hunting a specific clan, Nathanael’s, for several years.  Besides his job of hunting and killing vampires that harm humans, he has a very real reason to want one particular member of this clan – she murdered one of his best friends right after they finished their training.  Vincent knows they have been playing a cat and mouse game ever since that evening, but now he just might have Lilia where he wants her.

Lilia (Hélène de Saint Simon before being transformed) is a Childe of Nathanael’s and would do almost anything for him.  That is, all but killing Vincent who is a thorn in his side.  For some reason, Lilia enjoys their various encounters and fights, and she is in no real hurry to end them.  Tonight they have met up again, and she is waiting for the usual fight to begin, but tonight is going to be a bit different than normal.

Vincent is just trading insults with Lilia while waiting for his wizard to get his spell done.  Suddenly there is a hot white light and instead of fighting, Vincent and Lilia are madly making love, and it goes well beyond that before the night is over.  When faced with the results of their night, Vincent and Lilia will spend the next few years trying to see if they can come to trust each other and the caring they have developed.  When Lilia disappears suddenly, Vincent realizes just how much she has come to mean to him, and he is determined to get her back.  Will he be in time so they can live their lives together?

CheckMate is the story of two very different people, the main one being that Vincent is alive and Lilia has been undead for many centuries now.  After a magical spell backfires and becomes a romantic one, both begin to learn that there are many sides to the other.  Vincent discovers that just because you might be a vampire, that doesn’t mean you are always hunting humans.  Lilia comes to terms with what she is, what she has done and what she really wants from her life.  CheckMate is action packed from start to finish and a story that any paranormal reader will enjoy and want to read.


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