Born To To Wilde by Janelle Denison
Berkley Sensation
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-425-21082-6
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Semper Fi.  Always faithful.  Marine code for having a friendís back at all times.  That is what Joel Wilde is called upon to do by his friend and ex fellow Marine, Zach Marshall.  Since leaving the Marines, Zach has gotten himself into a bit of trouble with his gambling addiction and has no other choice but to call Joel.  The trouble could mean harm to the one person that loves Zach, Lora, his sister.  Zach implores the help of Joel to watch her and keep her from danger until he is able to do something about the debt he owes a bookie.  Joel agrees to help Zach not knowing how much Lora will change his outlook on life and love.

Lora Marshall has pretty much shut down since the ending of her engagement a couple of years ago.  Not in the mood to date, she rarely is attracted to anyone and spends most of her time working.  When Joel Wilde comes into her friendís bar over and over and asks for her, Lora canít help but be intrigued by this totally blatant ploy to get her attention.  It doesnít hurt that Joel is built, good looking, and sexy as all get out.  Finally agreeing to meet him for coffee, Lora has no idea how much she will come to love Joel. 

Lora and Joel begin a relationship of sorts.  Each is scared of voicing the word commitment and each has their own ghosts to deal with.  The one thing that is evident between the two is the sparks that fly when they are together. 

I adore this entire series.  From the first Wilde story, Something Wild, to Born To Be Wilde, I have engulfed every characterís story.  Janelle Denison has the ability to keep every story new, intriguing and completely captivating.  For a man afraid of commitment, Joel sure knew how to be the perfect gentleman and lover.  His affection and loyalty to Lora was very interesting to watch. As for Lora, she wore her heart a bit more on her sleeve and while she loved Joel, I like how she put everything on the line for him to grasp on his own without any pushing from her.  I donít know if I could have been so patient. 

Janelle Denison once more will entice and enthrall readers with Born To Be Wilde.  I know I was. 


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