A Duke of Her Own by Lorraine Heath
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-112963-6
Reviewer: Debbie



Lady Louisa Wentworth knows she will never marry well—her family's impoverished estate has ensured as much. Resigned to spinsterhood, the proud beauty has agreed to chaperone a young American heiress who seeks a titled husband through the turbulent waters of London society.

 The dashing Duke of Hawkhurst must marry wealth for the sake of his family. This wealthy, young American, Miss Jenny Rose, would do quite nicely. But the girl's troublesome chaperone seems determined to keep them apart. And worse yet, Hawk finds himself far more attracted to the distractingly, beautiful Lady Louisa than to her innocent charge!

A desperate Hawk plots to draw the heiress into a compromising position, making marriage a necessity. But when it's lovely Louisa who falls into his scheme, a contest of hearts and wills begins in earnest.  Who will win and who will lose their heart forever?

Book 1 in the Rogues and Roses series, A Duke of Her Own starts out fast paced and never loses momentum.  Sexy, sensual and totally romantic, Lorraine Heath delivers on all counts.  She writes with passion and grace, is always entertaining and never boring. Lorraine always delivers a fantastic story to her readers.  I love her work.  With wonderfully written characters and a plot that keeps readers clued to the pages, A Duke of Her Own is sure to be a keeper on your romance shelf.


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