Two Plus One by Brynn Paulin

Hot for Teacher, Book 1


Erotic Ménage/Contemporary

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Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Briony Swift is a college math professor.  Her life is ordered and calculated and well, boring.  She flies the straight and narrow and can’t remember the last time she did anything fun or risqué.  Not the type of person to draw attention to herself, Briony knows that the hidden attraction she feels for two of her students is totally wrong and refuses to explore her feelings.  When the two men in question, Nic Potter and Leo Phelps, come to her office to get her to sign a form, all bets are off because once her name is on their drop/add slips, these two men are no longer her students.  And that scares Briony most of all. 

Two Plus One is a risqué and rambunctious romp of erotic goodness.  Leo and Nic are naughty but nice and they are exactly what Briony needed in her life.  Briony needed them in her life and they were good for her as well as good to her.  The sex is hot, the love scenes emotional and the storyline engaging.  I really liked Two Plus One – other readers will as well.


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