Toy Box: Guiche by Jay Lygon, Michael Black & Lee Benoit

Toy Box Collection

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-740-4

Reviewed by Lisa



“Reading the River” by Jay Lygon

He doesn’t particularly like working the barges on the mighty Mississippi but he does have a thing for his co-worker and bunk mate, Billy.  He’s been flirting some and it seems like Billy is finally starting to show interest in getting sweaty together.  Wait until he finds out what Billy has for him. 

Told in first person narrative, “Reading the River” is a simple down and dirty tale.  The descriptive language puts a reader right into the story and makes you feel as if you are the man hot for Billy.  “Reading the River” is lusty, primal and satisfying.


“After the Show” by Mychael Black

A chance meeting between opposites blossoms into an unforgettable afternoon of steamy hot sex.  Chaz is the drummer in a local popular band and Devin

Sharpe is a buttoned-down businessman.  When their worlds collide it’s magic.  Too bad they live in different “worlds” because they sure are special together. 

“After the Show” skillfully blends scorching hot sex with engaging characters and dialogue.  Suspend reality since the relationship goes from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye in this story. Regardless, “After the Show” is pure entertainment.


“Bearing Witness” by Lee Benoit

A special evening watching the Patron release his sub, Jesse, from service has a profound effect on another submissive.  How does Paulo truly know if Preston will keep him?  When Preston realizes the evening was upsetting for Paulo he tries something that backfires badly.  Preston isn’t sure how to get them back to solid ground but he may just have an idea. 

Be ready for a high heat factor in “Bearing Witness.”  This story starts off sizzling hot and evolves into a character driven tale of classic miscommunication.  “Bearing Witness” is very erotic, yet manages to bring realistic problems to life for this D/s pair.  Tenderness and heat go hand in hand in this engaging tale.


Toy Box: Guiche offers three adult situations with compelling characters, highly erotic encounters and winning plotlines.  I enjoyed each story on their own merit for their wicked and original tales.  Toy Box: Guiche is definitely entertaining.


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