Three Dog Night by Tymber Dalton

Triple Trouble, Book 3

Siren Publishing

Paranormal F/M/M/M

ISBN: 1-60601-576-1

Reviewed by Lisa



The mates are settling down into their new life together at the Triple L cattle ranch in Arcadia.  Elain Pardie still has the odd moment of disbelief in her newly mated status to gorgeous triplets Aindreas, Cailean, and Brodey Lyall, but she’s getting used to sharing her life with three men.  It’s hard enough to believe that they are all mated to her, let alone wolf shape shifters too! 

Slowly but surely Elain is learning about the various ritual and ceremonies important to their pack.  It is one particular ceremony on the night of the coming full moon that has Elain, the human mate, completely on edge.  Except there is nothing she can do – interference is forbidden. 

Besides dealing with less pleasant aspects of mated life is Elain’s continual need to be made to submit to her mates.  The feelings won’t go away, no matter what she does.  The brothers knew that Elain would develop some pack mannerisms, but this need is beyond their understanding.  Something odd is going on within Elain and they are all becoming increasingly concerned.  On top of that is the news that someone is murdering shifter mates.  Danger is closing in and so far there are more questions than answers. 

This third tale in the Triple Trouble saga titled Three Dog Night will thrill fans and definitely bring new readers happily into the fold.  The humor, suspense, sensual undertones and bold sexual encounters play out in a solid plotline that will keep you glued until the end.  One alert – there is a non-consensual sex scene – while unpleasant it is pertinent to the shifter lifestyle and ends on a positive note.  I am a fan of this series and feel that each story, while fine as a stand alone, get better and better.  Three Dog Night grabs hold and doesn’t let go and you won’t mind a bit!  I can’t wait to see what happens next so seriously, write faster please.


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