The Wrong Woman by Mary Winter
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC

Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60592-004-7
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Annie Godbaum finally had a chance to work her dream job; after being laid off from her temporary accounting job, she decided to work as a bartender at a local nightclub. All was going well, with the exception of her secret desire to sex up her boss. To bad her fantasy would never come true, or could it?
As a nightclub owner, Ridge Warrick knew that it was not good to mix business with pleasure, but there was something special about his recently hired bartender, Annie Godbaum. All he could think about was taking her to bed. After his last fling, Ridge had promised himself that he would not become involved with the wrong kind of woman again; instead he would find the perfect woman that he could take home to meet his mother. Nevertheless, that didnít stop him from lusting after Annie.

The Wrong Woman was a fun, sexy and highly entertaining story that I enjoyed reading. When opportunity came knocking, Annie quickly answered and took a leap of faith. I truly admired Annie for having the courage to follow her dream, even though her specialty was in something totally opposite of what she previously did. The same could be said for Ridge; although he came from money, that didnít deter him from following his dream of owning a successful nightclub. The plot flowed at a swift pace and it wasnít long before the end was near. But, along the way there was plenty of infatuation, secrets, drama, envy and entertainment. The passion quickly ignited between Annie and Ridge and their heated affair that left me breathless with great desire. Overall, The Wrong Woman was definitely the right kind of book to explore. Enjoy!


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