The Warderís Unicorn by Viola Grace

The Warders



ISBN: 978-1-55487-375-3

Reviewed by Tanya




Sephany is a second generation Warder and is also the daughter of the Dwarf Lord.  While she calls him Dad others call him one of the most feared men in the entire Realm.  Her parents have been after her to settle down and keep setting her up with various paranormal men, much to her chagrin.  She is attracted to one of them, the unicorn Malksis, but will not show him as he is about as arrogant as is possible and she doesnít like that about him.  But he is to be her escort to her cousinís wedding shower and she will endure the company of the unicorn to get there.   

When Sephany is kidnapped out of the ring of protection, where the wedding shower is being held, chaos ensues.  She canít believe that dark elves have kidnapped her, and apparently it isnít really her that they want.  Now it will be up to either her father or Malksis to save her. 

As usual Viola Graceís stories are both inventive and they make me laugh.  I loved how Sephany, while she knows her destiny, is only going there on her own terms, and gets to torment Malksis along the way.  The Warderís Unicorn is a fast faced story about a very independent woman and the man of her dreams, though he is going to have to work at it to be the man of her days.  I canít wait for the next installment in the Warders series.


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