The Tiger Within by Viki Lyn

Loose Id

Historical Shifter (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60737-422-0

Reviewed by Sabella




Jack Hunter, a Sentinel agent, has been cursed by the experiments performed on him that left him with super-human abilities and feeling disconnected from the world around him.  Jack’s newly discovered desire for other men further damns him, in his own eyes, to the fringes of society. He’s also very much aware of his need to steer clear of the man that incites these unholy passions – Antoine Fortescue, a tiger shifter. 

Antoine Fortescue is from a long line of tiger shifters that dedicate their lives to protecting humanity.  Also, Antoine holds a passionate attraction towards Jack Hunter who wants to know nothing about him.  But Jack is Antoine’s Khalid, his destined mate, except with Jack’s open despise for Antoine’s gay manner, will Antoine ever get his Khalid? 

When a common enemy places them in close quarters will Jack be able to resist the temptation that Antoine represents? 

The Tiger Within is a shifter story with a twist as the historical setting puts a whole new spin on the gay shifter romance.  While I found the characters, separately, to be interesting and somewhat compelling their interactions seemed forced and a little stilted.  The suspense aspects of the plot are left unresolved and left me feeling unsatisfied in the end, while the romance left me wondering if the romance was real at all or a figment of the “magical” setting.  In the end, The Tiger Within is a so-so read that might serve for a long afternoon of lazy reading between naps.


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