There Be Dragons by Heather Graham

Medallion Press

Historical Romance

ISBN:  978-1605420714

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Princess Marina is the only surviving member of the house of D’Or.  Her parents died tragically and suddenly Marina is left alone and at the mercy of her step-father, the Count of D’Artois.  The count arranges Marina’s marriage to Carlo Baristo.  Marina isn’t in love with Carlo nor will she ever be because she can barely stand the sight of him.  Marina is in love with another and despairs at never being able to be with him.  Have no fear, however, because Marina’s fairy god, uh falcon, is here to save the day! 

Loved There Be Dragons! It has an almost unearthly quality to it as well as very similar to my favorite childhood fairy tale, Cinderella.  Geovan was horrible and wretched, the count was icky and foul, and Marina was an innocent princess.  Who could ask for more?   

Heather Graham added her own style of storytelling and I loved every word!  My favorite parts of the book? The pictures! Using her own children as models, Ms. Graham has had There Be Dragons wonderfully illustrated and I was completely enchanted by the outstanding illustrations, beguiling story, and the promise of a happy ever after!


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