The Naked Baron by Sally MacKenzie



ISBN: 9781420102536

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Lady Grace Belmont is a bit old for a debutante (ahem, 25), but this is her only chance for a Season before she is married off to the safe, but dull, neighbor her father has promised her to.  Escorted by her aunt, Lady Kate Oxbury, Grace decides to enjoy herself – that is, until she meets the eyes of the tall, gorgeous man who is looking at her like she is the best dessert on the tray.  But Aunt Kate informs her that that man, Baron Dawson, is off-limits, as her father hates the baron’s family more than anything. 

Of course, Kate can’t seem to follow her own advice.  She finds herself falling again for Dawson’s uncle, the man she had loved for years, even though she was married to another.  As their affair heats up, her attention drifts away from Grace.  Which is just fine with Grace as she finds herself more and more drawn to the baron, despite what her father might think. 

I wanted to like The Naked Baron, and the story itself was fine.  I got tired of Sally MacKenzie constantly mentioning Grace’s size (larger than most, which is what attracts the baron).  I get that he likes women who are not dainty, and she is happy to have found someone to compliment her size, but there were a LOT of mentions about their respective heights and widths.  Same goes with Kate’s size – she’s tiny and that is mentioned a lot.  But what I was most tired of reading was the constant references to the men’s penises and the fact that neither man could have a single thought that didn’t come back to their physical desires.  If you can get past the repetitiveness of the above, the story is interesting enough to keep you reading.


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