The Merry Widow by Koko Brown
Red Sage
Historical Erotic Romance
ISBN: 9781603102902
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



A lonely heart - 

After spending the past three years mourning the death of her beloved husband, and strictly focusing on running her husband’s shipping company, Phillipa Jones finally broke down and sought the services of a male companion from the town’s local Madame.  Phillipa was pleasantly surprised and ”momentarily shocked” to be immediately attracted this much younger call boy, Reggie.  Instantly, sparks flew between them and it wasn’t long before Phillipa was caught up in the passionate rapture of Reggie’s charms.  But, how long could Phillipa secretly continue have a romantic affair with Reggie, her hired lover, before the public caught wind of it and ruined her reputation? 

A case of mistaken identity - 

Reggie, Lord Bellomont, made an unannounced business visit to widow, Mrs. Phillipa Jones’s home in hopes of coming to an agreement on a shipping route that the both of them were bidding on.  Under false pretense that was not of his making Reggie obtained access to Mrs. Jones private parlor without introducing himself.  However, Reggie gained more than he bargained for when he discovered the true reasoning behind Phillipa’s supposed visitor.  Now, the question became: will Reggie keep up with the bogus charade in order to continue to see Phillipa in a romantic fashion? 

The Merry Widow was a spicy 20th century novella that immediately peeked my interest and held it until the very end – so much so, that I competed it within a few short hours.  The passion was powerfully strong between Phillipa and Reggie.  The couple’s sexual encounters were very naughty and lustfully erotic.  Their mischievous interactions brought heat to my cheeks a couple at times throughout the read.  Although Phillipa had been married, she still had an innocence about her that I found very refreshing.  Reggie was a true alpha male at heart who wasn’t afraid to go after what he wanted, and what he desired most of all, was to have Phillipa in his arms for eternity.  The gentle humor, genuine voice and period details really brought The Merry Widow to life.  Koko Brown did a wonderful job with this creation.  Enjoy!


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