The Masterís Pet by Stormy Glenn

Siren Publishing

Futuristic M/M

ISBN: 1-60601-543-5

Reviewed by Lisa



The world as humans knew it was no more.  An unknown virus took most of the population before anyone realized there was a problem.  Of those left, some were carriers who survived, genetically altered and the rest were immune.  The immune who lived try to eke out some semblance of a normal existence where the strong protect the weak - where the weak exist as pets to their masters. 

Forced to live with a cruel stepfather in order to survive, Jiri can still remember days long gone when the world was sane, his mother alive, and caring whether or not he lived or died. 

Jiriís world changes once again when he is sold to pay off a debt to Zane, leader of the Death Dealers.  One glance and Zane knows that he wants the blonde innocent as his personal pet.  Problems arise immediately since neither Zane nor Jiri know exactly what theyíre doing together.  Communication is the key to working things out before too many mistakes can never be forgiven or forgotten and someone better get talking soon. 

Author Stormy Glenn pens another unique and sensual tale in The Masterís Pet.  Honorable, sweet Jiri is an enigma in this new corrupted world.  Zane on the other hand has to be strong, only someone willing to kill can be the leader of the Death Dealers.  Although Zane does kill, he never really comes across as having a murderous personality.  The Masterís Pet is strong on characterization, yet the plot only skims the surface of this new, dangerous world.  I would have loved more detail about this altered Earth too.  All in all, The Masterís Pet has some hot sex and a fascinating character driven story with two engaging men.


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