The Lion, the Leopard and the Wolf by Eliza March

Enchanted Mountain, Book 1

Siren Publishing

Paranormal M/F/M

ISBN: 1-60601-590-7

Reviewed by Lisa



At the urging of her aunt Celia, Macalister ‘Mac’ Cameron is visiting a ski resort in Artic, Colorado.  Hopefully some fun at Fantasy Lodge will help Mac forget about that ratfink Nathan. 

What Mac wants more than time on the slopes is time in the sack steaming up the sheets with a stranger at the Lodge.  A slight injury furthers Mac’s chances with the opposite sex, especially when Lodge co-owners Aaron and Trent show definite interest in her.  But, as Mac is about to learn – be careful what you wish for… 

Sexual tension hits the mark in The Lion, the Leopard and the Wolf.  Innuendos and two extremely hot men send clueless Mac on a sensual journey of self discovery.  Mac comes across as an intelligent woman but the men seem to easily hoodwink this heroine which takes away from an otherwise likeable tale.  Some really good make out sessions as well as a playful plot are what make The Lion, the Leopard and the Wolf a pleasurable read.


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