The First Full Moon by Christie Gordon

eXtasy Books

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-55487-348-7

Reviewed by Lisa



The trauma of a house fire ruined the childhood of Adam Ross. He lost his parents, beloved younger sister Aloise, and was sent to live with relatives who didnít really want him.  As an adult Adam chooses to live a mostly solitary life near Moss Beach working on and repairing the fishing boats. 

One fateful night Adam discovers the bodies of rum runners on the beach and a young man still alive in the water.  The stranger is called Necalli.  He has an otherworldly beauty, odd clawed hands, sharp eye teeth, and no memory of how he ended up near the dead men. 

Over time Adam and Necalli grow closer while Adam attempts to help Necalli remember who he is.  But Adam canít shake his childhood horror and Necalli is afraid to remember where he came from.  Fate brought these damaged souls together to heal or destroy each other with the truth. 

Suspenseful and erotic, The First Full Moon cleverly balances sensual encounters with high drama.  Imaginative, at times eerie, The First Full Moon unveils an interesting twist on vampires and demons.  Adam and Necalli are complex characters, yet naÔve at times.  The pacing is slow at times, but overall, The First Full Moon is a compelling read.  Lots and lots of hot sex within a hauntingly dramatic story, The First Full Moon is an original.


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