The Courtesanís Wager by Claudia Dain

The Courtesanís Chronicles



ISBN: 9780425225806

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Lady Amelia Caversham has never made a secret of her desire to marry a duke and only a duke.  After two Seasons and no offers, she decides to enlist the help of the notorious former-courtesan-turned-lady, Sophia Dalby.  Sophiaís scandalous idea is to make a list of potential suitors and then interview them for the position of Ameliaís husband. 

But much to Ameliaís surprise, the list works Ė suddenly dukes, and every other eligible titled man in London, are lining up to be interviewed by Amelia.  But there is one man who doesnít like her list Ė Lord Cranleigh.  His older brother is next in line to be Duke of Hyde, and Cranleigh has no intention of letting Amelia marry him.  There is a history between Cranleigh and Amelia and the shocking event of her list of dukes just might be what makes it all explode. 

I enjoyed The Courtesanís Wager, but mostly the second half.  The first half was misleading.  Once the history between Cranleigh and Amelia was revealed, the book got exponentially better.  I had fun reading the various machinations the characters went through for love or marriage (or both).  While I didnít care for Claudia Dainís writing style, the story was great and I would probably read the other books in the series.


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