The Collision by Crystal Kauffman

Guardian’s Realm, Book 2

Loose Id

Paranormal M/F/M

ISBN: 978-1-60737-427-5

Reviewed by Lisa



The Palace in San Francisco is the ultimate ‘den of iniquity’, run by a vampire for any vampire who can afford to be there.  They have total power over all of the human slaves – humans who choose to live there are paid and can leave once their contract is over. However, once they start drinking Tourin, a drugged blood concoction, they never seem to leave. 

A raid on the Palace by the Guardians, beings who protect humans from the evil vampires of the world, set into motion a chain of events that forever alters the lives of three – Balin Renforth, a Guardian who abhors vampires, Fitch Galloway, a vampire who works for the Vampire Secret Service, and Gladiolas, a petite human slave living at the Palace. 

An accident traps the three in an ancient magical castle.  Prejudice and distrust keep them from working together to find a way out.  As obstacles mount they realize that only by striving to work with each other can they hope to escape.  But, long held hatreds are hard to put aside even if freedom is the final result. 

The Collision is an exciting, original journey of discovery for three very different beings.  Balin and Fitch are fascinating alpha heroes who manage to grow emotionally in the course of this story.  Gladiolas on the other hand is beyond submissive; she must be to survive in the Palace.  The men are completely taken with her which I didn’t totally comprehend. Gladiolas is ill so I can see why they help, but their feelings for her seem very intense yet she has the personality of soggy toast.  Having said that, The Collision is worth reading to catch the interaction between Balin and Fitch, they make this a very juicy and fun story.


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