The Beastmasterís  Slave by Desiree Acuna

New Concepts Publishing

Erotic BDSM/Forced seduction/Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60394-376-5

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



As a favor to her parents and their friends, policewoman Maura has agreed to find out all she can about Daegon, the self proclaimed ďbeast masterĒ of a downtown club.  Women have committed suicide after coming in contact with Daegon and Maura wants to know why.  Climbing the fence to his property, Maura finds herself face to face with the beast master and the next thing she knows, she wakes up in her car totally wiped out and extremely sick.  What happened when she and Daegon were together? Why does she dream of doing everything he says and so much more? 

A huge fan of forced seduction, I couldnít wait to read The Beastmasterís Slave.  First of all, it was written by Desiree Acuna, an automatic read for me.  Secondly, the BDSM theme of the book intrigued me greatly.  Sadly, however, The Beastmasterís Slave was not exactly what I was expecting.  Yes, it was erotic and very naughty.  Yes, the seduction was forced.  But, it was worded in such a way plot wise that I felt totally creeped out by the entire book.  Daegon had to get his energy through a womanís sexual submission and satisfaction.  The fact that he had to do this is definitely hot, watching him do this to unsuspecting women was not.  Add in the often sporadic plot jumps and the entire book was hard to follow.  At least for me it was.  Others might not agree and I hope they donít.


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