Tempt Me Not by Lily Graison

The Boys of Wicked, book 1

Alinar Publishing


Reviewed by Jo



Holly Baker has arrived at a cabin in Tennessee that she is expecting to share with her best friend, Roxy, for the next two weeks.  A long awaited vacation, that is until she receives a phone call saying that Roxy isnít going to make it because of work.  Roxy convinces Holly to still take her vacation since the cabin is stocked and paid for anyway.  Now Holly has two weeks in a cabin in the middle of the mountains with no one even close to her.  This is supposed to be vacation? 

Devin Shaw had landed at a cabin because itís his last chance to get his life together before the band and his manager drop him cold.  Devin knows that the strife in the band right now is entirely his fault and he agreed to the stipulation given to him by his manager knowing that he has to change in order to keep his place in the band.  Expecting to be isolated for a month, Devin is more than surprised with a woman walks inótotally nude. 

Holly has no idea who this man is or why heís in her cabin but he has to go, and now.  But neither cell phone is working, and the resort is miles away.  Devin is kind of miffed that Holly has no idea who he is, but that changes quickly.  Now the battle lines have been drawn and neither wants to give way to the other; especially not to the attraction that has popped up.  When Devin is hurt, Holly does her best to take care of him and that leads to the passion sparking fast and fierce.  Holly has no illusions, so when her two weeks are up will she leave with a broken heart or will Devin have a surprise in store for her? 

Two weeks with a famous rockstar is every womanís dream, or is it? Tempt Me Not brings the lead singer of Wicked together with a woman who wonít just lie down for him.  Devin is under orders to work this month while at the cabin or else.  Holly was stranded at the cabin when her best friend suddenly canít make it for their vacation.  The sparks between Devin and Holly are immediate but at first they are anger and irritation, which turn pretty fast into attraction and then passion.  I loved that Holly not only stood up to Devin at first but also didnít give up her principles, even at the end.  However, Devin showed exactly what she meant to him in the end and I loved it.  A great look at the unseen side of a rock band, Tempt Me Not shows that sometimes reality can be much better than your dreams.   

The cliffhanger at the end was also well done and now I will be out to hunt for the other three band membersóa glimpse of which was given for one.   


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