Tasty Treats by Jenny Penn, Eve Adams, Amber Colton & Dee. S. Knight

Volume 1

Siren Publishing


ISBN:  1-60601-449-8

Reviewed by Tanya



“Rachel’s Seduction” by Jenny Penn

Rachel is determined to expose the debauchery of what happens around the Cattleman’s Club, especially since she is apparently ‘not the right kind of woman’ who would be invited there.  So she sets out to do just that.  She doesn’t count on being caught by off-duty policemen Adam and Killian, who just happen to be members on security patrol. 

I love the Cattleman’s Club stories and wish there were more of them.  “Rachel’s Seduction” is no exception.  I love how Ms. Penn is able to have a spunky woman not lose herself when she is faced with two strong alpha males who don’t take no for an answer.  I thoroughly enjoyed “Rachel’s Seduction”.


“Riding Lessons” by Eve Adams

Leah is not having a good night.  As she goes to make a purchase at a grocery store she finds out that they take no ‘plastic’, and she has no cash.  There is the super hunky cowboy standing behind her in line that she suddenly finds herself fantasizing about and is even further distracted.  One thing leads to another and suddenly she is going home with Cole and his brother Jessie for a night of passion, but is it to be only one night? 

“Riding Lessons” has more than one meaning, as Leah finds out.  You never know what you will find in a grocery store, especially when you are in a bind.  I found “Riding Lessons” a fun and fast pace story.  If you like a little erotic ménage with your cowboys then you will enjoy Ms. Adam’s offering. 


“Mackenzie's Meltdown” by Amber Carlton

Mackenzie is not having a good day.  If it could go wrong it will, and add to the back stabbing, no chocolate (that alone is enough to send most people over the edge) a meddling mom and you never know what will happen when Mackenzie is pushed by two of the hottest men she has seen in a while. 

I found “Mackenzie’s Meltdown” one of the more interesting “cougar” stories I have had the pleasure to read.  I enjoyed how the day goes from everything wrong to suddenly a changed future.  I will definitely look for other offerings by Amber Carlton.


“The Elixir” by Dee S. Knight

Barb Morrison seems to have been transported to the future, last she knew she was being run over by a Cadillac and a lime green one at that.  Then she is suddenly in a futuristic world where one of the men directly resembles her best bud Tommy who has also been in a few of her dreams lately.  Apparently, she is in a future world where women are scarce and finding her is a ‘dream come true’ for the two men who rescue her.  When she figures out what is happening will she want to go home or stay where she is? 

“The Elixir” is an interesting idea of space time travel and dream worlds.  I found myself wishing that the story was a novel in itself with other characters and other adventures.  So, while it was a great erotic fast read, I wished for more. 


Tasty Treats, Volume 1 is a fast paced erotic anthology which centers on ménage relationships.  While the stories vary in type from cowboy, contemporary, futuristic and a “cougar’ story, they all have one thing in common: two super studly men who want to make one woman’s life very pleasurable.  If you are looking for a range of subject’s stories but want something fast paced then you will thoroughly enjoy Tasty Treats, Volume 1.


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