Taste of The Devil

Taste of the Devil by Dara Joy



ISBN: 0-9753549-4-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Due to her station, Lady Regina Thomlinson is expected to marry.  Too bad sheís more interested in adventure than finding a husband.  Freedom from her odious guardian is more desirable than matrimony to some male who will take over her life.  When her scheming relation chooses the unsuitable Lord Devon, Ginny is determined to thwart him.  Lord Tyler Devon is a womanizing wastrel; his exploits are extolled by all the gossips.  Ginny discovers that all is not as it seems even as she denies her feelings for her intended.  Thereís more to him than meets the eye. Itís really too bad.  Sheíll need to use all her wits and skill to keep her own secrets intact while plotting her escape.  

Name something that hoists you over one shoulder and pinches your bottom while climbing up a rope ladder? Sound familiar?  It should, me heartie!  Climb aboard and set sail! Taste of the Devil plunders and pleases the imagination!   

Ginny is all wit, spice and sass with a charming dollop of innocence whenever she engages rakish Tyler, best described as a dark, dangerous, bundle-of-sex.  Laughter and lots-of-loviní is surrounded by rogues, rakes, and rascals all eager to cross blades with the daring couple.  Several characters with dramatic and sometimes shadowy pasts are introduced along with the usual murky plans for revenge.  Of course, it was an easy tip-off that this is just the first installment!  I hadnít read anything from this author in years, and the pirate historical theme proved a bit unexpected, though quite enjoyable.  Oh, lusty shades of Keira Knightly, Orlando Bloom, and Johnny Depp!  So disarmingly channeled!   

Ms. Joy stays true to her vision and the character development thatís trademark to her style.  Iím not certain where this series will land but it should be loads of frisky fun!  Taste of the Devil is a rollicking frolic thatís amusing, mainly because of the quirky scenes, catchy dialogue and larger-than-life characters.  So grab your cutlass and grappling hooks to climb aboard!  Never mind the grog!  Youíll be merrily entertained by the end of your voyage.


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