Sleepless in Scotland by Karen Hawkins

MacLean Curse Series, Book 4



ISBN: 978-1416560258

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Caitriona is the responsible twin and when her sister, Caitlyn, hatches a daring scheme to get Alexander MacLean to marry her, Triona is the only one who might be able to stop her.  When Hugh MacLean learns of Caitlynís plan, he sets out to foil her as well.  But instead, Hugh and Triona get caught in the trap and have to marry. 

With a logical plan of waiting out the scandal at Hughís manor and then sending Triona packing so they can both live their lives, they head to Scotland.  But as they get to know each other, and each otherís secrets, all logical plans suddenly seem wrong. 

I really enjoyed Sleepless in Scotland and loved reading about Hugh and Triona.  They are a lovely couple, with complementing characteristics, without being cloying.  As they learn about each other, so do we and they just get more interesting with each page.  The presence of Trionaís grandmother could have been an annoyance, but she was a fun character, too, and didnít detract from the story at all.  I definitely recommend this fourth book in Karen Hawkinsís MacLean Curse series.


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