Since the Surrender by Julie Anne Long

Pennyroyal Green Series, Book 3



ISBN: 9780061341618

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Rosalind March needs help to find her missing sister.  Charged with theft, she saw her sister in jail, but since then no one has seen her.  Rosalind turns to Captain Chase Eversea, a man with whom she shared one amazing kiss years ago, and who also has the connections that might help her find her sister. 

Chase is a wounded man with incredible honor.  While he thinks Rosalindís suspicions about who might know something about her sisterís disappearance are out of line, he canít help but try to help her.  As he gets deeper into the mystery of the missing girl, he also finds himself getting deeper with Rosalind as well. 

Since the Surrender was one of the wittiest books I have read in a long time.  Even if the story hadnít been interesting, which it was, the way it was written would have held my attention anyway.  Julie Anne Long has a way with words, and it shows very well in this quasi-mystery love story.  I admit to being slightly confused about the story itself at points (what do paintings and puppets have to do with anything?) but then, I think that was more me than any fault of Ms. Longís.  Over all, I recommend this to anyone looking for a well-written historical romance.


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