Shiver Me by Amarinda Jones

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419921230

Reviewed by Shayna



Of all the things Violet Rose could have guessed her Aunt Zeta would bequeath to her, a piece of luggage filled with the bones of an eighteenth century pirate never crossed her mind.  But now Violet possesses a pirateís bones, and her life only takes stranger turns from there.  The pirate in question, Nathaniel Dreadnought comes to life and claims only true love could have made such a miracle happen.  Nathanielís sexy, to be sure, but can this be for real?  Violet may not have a chance to figure it out, for another otherworldly figure is on the loose and heís gunning for Violetís pirate. 

Amarinda Jones delivers shivers of the most sensual kind in this charming romp of a tale.  Shiver Me is a naughty treasure with two delightful protagonists you canít help but adore.  Violet is the everywoman; sheís likeable, kind, and curvy and itís her rather ordinary nature all around which makes it easy to put yourself in her place.  Nathaniel is a mouth-wateringly sexy rogue, as befitting a pirate fantasies could be made of.  I adored his certainty that Violet was his true love and that they were meant to be together.  Together, the pair burn up the sheets (among other pieces of furniture), adding the spice of eroticism to the sweetness of Nathaniel and Violetís romance.  I thoroughly enjoyed Shiver Me.  It was a delicious adventure packed with tenderness, heat, and pure, unadulterated fun.


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